Our Story

From left to right: Co-Founders Kelly, Danielle and Chloe
Chloe and Kelly with their Great Grandma Cynthia

Calls of Care is a non-profit foundation created in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Under the leadership of Danielle, Chloe and Kelly Lindner, a mother and two daughters, the mission of this organization is to create a connection between college and high school students to senior living provider residents via phone calls. 

In order to reach as many areas and senior living providers as possible, college and high school students can apply to work as a Campus Ambassador. As a Campus Ambassador, students locate senior living providers, recruit phone call volunteers, and manage/distribute resident phone call information. This not only gives students the opportunity to gain leadership and resume experience but also make a large impact on their campus’s community even from home. 

The concept for the organization is in honor of Danielle, Chloe, and Kelly’s, grandmother, Cynthia Weinman, who taught them the importance of kindness and giving back. Their visits to the nursing home to see Cynthia opened their eyes to the need for senior citizens to be incorporated into our society rather than sidelined or forgotten. This is especially true during our current Pandemic, where many senior citizens are unable to get visits from family members or leave their facilities. 

“Lets combat senior loneliness, one phone call at a time and make the world a kinder place for all generations”

Danielle Lindner, Co-Founder
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